Alan & Pamela Lohrke


2nd Quarter 2014 + July 4th !

April 2014

First couple of days in April were spent at Disneyland.

img1 001sm

img1 046


We were celebrating Pam’s birthday and to see our granddaughter, Jessie sing.

The funny thing was the lady at Guest Relations who put “2013” on her Happy Birthday Button !




Granddaughter Jessie in the middle of this picture.


. . . and more pictures at the Disneyland Resort.


img 002sm275sm

Pam and Jessie on Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree.






Inside the self-guided tour of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

Sculpted Ficus trees at the entrance to

It’s a Small World.


Samll World

Newly re-opened Thunder Mountain Railroad.img 036

216img 054



April 12, we went to a Health Expo in Spanish Fork.  While there, we met up with a couple (they had a booth selling essential oils), and after talking for a while, they were interested in learning how to make Kombucha. We invited them over and he video captured the whole process.

May 2014

I planted some tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, etc. on the 10th.   Our last frost date in Utah is May 14th.  I looked at the 10 day forecast and no signs of frost. Well, of course, we had a hard freeze on the 13th and I lost most of the plantings !  


Granddaughter Kennedy is staying with us during the summer semester at BYU, and we ended going to many yard sales, garage sales, and a flea market. We got some crazy good deals.


We traveled to Arizona for grandson, Parker’s High School graduation on the 22nd-23rd. Parker with girlfriend Tori.



Parker with his family.


We ended up bringing Addison, Kameryn and Jackson (front row)  back to Utah for a few weeks. Oh, and Kennedy too !

Another quick trip to Disneyland at the end of the month.

Was extra crowded and lines were long !






An insane 3 hour wait to meet and greet princesses from the movie Frozen. And NO we didn’t wait in that line !


Space Mountain was closed for refurbishment, dang !





Sadly new pricing went into effect before we got there, again . . . .  Not a problem as our annual passes are good for a few more months.


June 2014

We made a 45 minute drive to the Moroni Turkey Outlet (Norbest) and got to see lots of sheep on the way home. Didn’t see one turkey !


We bought through mail order, 2 lemon and 2 lime trees. We will need to bring them in for the winter. We’ll see in a few years if it is possible to grow these in Utah.


We had Pam’s brother stay with us for a week in the middle of the month and we also attended two funerals that same week.


Replanted garden doing great !


We decided to clean out and stage a yard sale on the 28th.

Sale started at 7:00 am, the weather was perfect and we sold a bunch of stuff!  We bought a tube slide 10 years ago at another yard sale for $5.00 and sold it for $20 !

I made these signs to place around town, taped them to apple boxes and placed a heavy rock inside each box.  The city is not happy with the taping of yard sale signs on city property.


July 4th

Made our annual trip to see the hot air balloons at the Provo Freedom Festival . . . and then at the last minute, decided to watch the Provo Parade .Estimated between 300 and 400 thousand in attendance at the Parade.






Kameryn and Kennedy







Wishing everyone a wonderful summer !



1st Quarter 2014


Seems like such a long time ago to be writing about the first of the New Year.

We do hope that everyone had a Happy New Year.

We were at Disneyland the first week of the New Year (see previous blog)

We had Pam’s brother Jay, stay with us for three weeks.IMG_1194

He loves to listen to his iPod and cut magazines into little pieces. An every night ritual.

I save all the magazines that I can get from work.

We had to divide them into daily piles, so we wouldn’t run out of them.

He always wants to have a party when he arrives and when he leaves.

It was a pizza party this time before he went home.IMG_1214

One thing that wasn’t so pleasant  this month, we had a mouse die somewhere under the kitchen sink.  The smell was just awful for more that a month.


I was offered a part-time job ( a couple of hours a week) with Utah Valley University as a Site Facilitator.  They offer satellite classes that students can attend that are closer to home. The students watch a live broadcast from the college on two huge TV monitors .

My job is to open and close the room, arrange the chairs, turn the TVs on and take roll. The class this semester is on Economics and meets on Wednesday evenings. There are only two students and I just have to be there, so I take a laptop and do whatever I need or want to do during class.  


We made a trip to Arizona for the baptism of grandson Jackson.  The weather was predicting lots of snow over the higher elevations, so we decided to travel the longer route on I-70




Jackson’s Family at the baptism.


. . . and the proud grandparents.



Jackson with new family member “Norman”, a Chihuahua mix puppy.




Granddaughter Kennedy stayed with us the weekend of St. Valentine’s Day.  She had her wisdom teeth removed.



The “gurlz” (chickens) are doing great and have survived the cold Winter.

Eggs are getting bigger too !



I made a visit to the dermatologist to have a suspicious mole on my back removed. Biopsy came back and I needed to go back again and have a deeper removal. The doctor ended up taking out an inch of skin that required 9 stiches to close it up . . . .   ouch !

Weather was good during the middle of the month and was a great time to prune the older fruit trees. We bought two more fruit trees. A cherry tree shown below with yellow and white tags, and a pear tree.  Each one has four different varieties.


Cute sign at our favorite greenhouse/nursery . . . “Hansen Plants”. Our favorite because they are so inexpensive and have a great variety.



We have been wanting a Reverse Osmosis water system for a year or two and finally got one. This one puts trace minerals in the purified water as a final step.  So happy that I don’t have to lug two five gallon water jugs to the store for refills.

RO systems are notorious for leaking and I didn’t want a flooded basement, so I installed it in the laundry room (next to the kitchen) where there is a water supply and a floor drain.

Pam made the little curtain to hide all the plumbing.



I rearranged the garden grow boxes and had enough room to add two more. I can’t wait for the last frost day (middle of May) to start planting the summer vegetables.img_1347garden1


We flew down to Los Angeles on St. Patrick’s Day to pick up another Prius. I found this 2013 on Craigslist at a small car lot that repairs, what insurance companies write off as salvage. This one had a new hood, front bumper, front fenders, head lights and airbag replaced.  The lot is in South LA, between Compton and Watts.  My daughter Megan picked us up from LAX and drove us there.

We were in and out of there, and at Disneyland before 1:00 pm !

Drove to Megan’s (near Magic Mountain) after a half day at Disneyland and spent the night before driving home the next morning.    Thank you Megan !!! 


Pam’s daughter and her three youngest came to visit us during their Spring Break.

She bought us tickets to the Color Festival in Spanish Fork, UT, and we went on Saturday March 29th.

Pam’s son and family met us there also.

This was our first experience to the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork.  Nearly 70,000 ( mostly Mormons !)  were expected to attend this year’s Holi Festival of Colors. This festival marks the passing of Winter and the beginning of Spring. It is the largest Hindu festival in the US.  Lots of bags of multi-colored chalk, that is really colored cornstarch !!!!  

It was like a loud (lots of music) crazy hippie festival, but very colorful !

This explosion of color happened about every 2 hours on the hour.img_1628smimg_1572sm

They have a pretty good racket going with these prices for bags of colored cornstarch.



They were giving away free sunglasses and white T-shirts!


Granddaughter Addison and friend . . .                          . . .  and other random pictures.




Kennedy on the left, with her friends from college.




Families group shot ! These are the free white t-shirts ~  (not so white now!) they were giving away.



I went with the intention of staying back from the main crowd and not getting dusted with the colors, but when they see you (especially the children) without any colors, they just throw it at you as they pass by. My poor camera and black camera case ! Colored dust on and in everything !!!


Parking was just as crazy and we saw many walking miles to the festival as we were leaving.

We left for a three day visit to Disneyland on the 31st, to see granddaughter Jessie sing with her school.  More pictures of that trip in the next post !

Wishing everyone has a Happy Easter and a wonderful Spring !


4th Quarter 2013 + first week of 2014 !

October 2013

The first Friday in October, we went to a reception at the County Building in Provo to see the winners of the Utah County Digital Art and Photo Show. I received an honorable mention for this picture of a Blue & Gold Macaw.


Sunday the 6th we took a ride up Payson Canyon with Pam’s brother, Jay and granddaughter Kennedy.






A new addition to the family ~

Born October 10th granddaughter  Tess Ellen Moore

Grandchild  #15 !

Congratulations to my daughter Morgan, husband Chris and family.



Saturday October 12th, we traveled to Syracuse for our annual trek to

Black Island Farms.



Reading the map, after getting lost in the Corn Maze !



Waiting for the flatbed to take us to the pumpkin patch.



Lori and Jay searching for the perfect pumpkin !




We left for a trip to Eastern Arizona via Disneyland on the 19th.

It had been some time since we visited Disneyland for Halloween.


disneyland1 (84)


The park closed early one night and we hung around just to see all the crazy costumes.








We left Anaheim for Eastern Arizona on the 23rd and went through Phoenix this time.

Grandson Parker had a soccer game in Snowflake, AZ

Stopped to take pictures of the LDS Temple before the game.img_0078

We went with grandson Jackson and his school class to the pumpkin patch.

He is in the top row 3rd from the left.



I took a bunch of Senior pictures of grandson Parker, as he will be graduating high school in 2014.img_0257_pp


Front of our home before the Trick or Treaters arrived on Halloween.


November 2013

November was a slow picture taking month for me.

We did get our first snow of the season, the first week of November.


We got tickets to see the exhibition “Sacred Gifts” at the BYU Museum of Art in Provo.

We are planning to go again before it closes in May.

Sacred Gifts: The Religious Art of Carl Bloch, Heinrich Hofmann and Frans Schwartz.

The museum now  houses nearly two dozen paintings of Christ from these master painters, secured from museums and donors in New York City, Denmark, Germany and Sweden. Some of the paintings are displayed outside of their home locations for the very first, and possibly last time.

733 burial


Granddaughter Kennedy had her first ride on a commercial airline, when she went to Mesa for Thanksgiving.

She was a little scared and anxious about the whole ordeal, but now she loves to fly !



I finished the outside roof on the nesting boxes for the coop, and yes, we’re still getting 1/2 dozen eggs a day !




December 2013

What an exciting month we had !

Windy with drifting snow on the 4th of December.




16” of snow on the 8th and 9th !




I celebrated my 65th birthday on the 12th and became eligible for Medicare !!!

“Stache-ing through the Snow!”




My daughter Megan and son-in-law Eddie gave me six of these Kombucha bottles that they made for my birthday.



I got the coop covered for the winter . . . and with 2 heat lamps, the inside temperature stays between 50-60°,

even with the outside temperature in the single digits.




On the 14th we went to Temple Square in Salt Lake City to see

granddaughter Jessie (she’s in the middle)

sing with her high school’s  Madrigals.

They performed first at the Visitor’s Center and then a little later at the Assembly Hall.


Assembly Hall on Temple Square



Met up with Shane’s family and walked around Temple Square to see the Christmas lights.




We then made the short walk across the street to the City Creek shopping center.




On December 23rd our water heater started leaking and caused some flooding in the basement.

Carpet in the family room got a good soaking.

Removed book cases and pulled back the carpet and padding, so it could dry out.

I ordered a tankless water heater that was being shipped to arrive in 2 weeks.

So no hot water for 2 weeks !

We ended up going to my work and using the shower at the fire station.


We celebrated a quiet Christmas morning by ourselves, then visited family later in the afternoon.


1st Week of January.

I’m posting these pictures, as we had Pam’s daughter’s family meet us at Disneyland on New Years Day.

Christmas was still up, so it was kind of like December?

Parks were crazy crowded with extra, extra long lines for attractions, but was so fun !disneyland1 (24)sm

Not a family member, but just had to get a picture of this fabulous haircut !

DISNEYLAND1 (26)disneyland1 (102)




disneyland1 (108)

disneyland1 (96)

This picture is with Billy (all brothers are named Billy!).

He is one of the members of “Billy Hill and the Hillbillies”

We found out that their last performance at Disneyland would be the 6th of January.

We will miss them as we have watched their show at the “Golden Horseshoe” since 1997.




. . . more pictures from Disneyland and California Adventure.

disneyland1 (7)img_1051

caadventure2 (16)sm

caadventure2 (101)sm


“It’s a Small World” like you have never seen before.




Our ‘Brick’ at the entrance to Disneyland.


caadventure2 (95)

caadventure2 (102)sm

DISNEYLAND1 (51)_2)_3)_tonemapped

Funny thing on this last Disney trip, I had half a dozen people ask me to take their pictures with their phone cameras !

Maybe because I was carrying my big Canon camera?

One family, while waiting for the “World of Color “,  asked me to take a picture in the dark,

of their family and the pictures came out terrible.

I told them I would take them with my camera and email them later,

and we ended up having a conversation in Spanish !!!

Friday we left Anaheim and headed to my favorite beach as a teenager, Corona del Mar.

The grandkids had a ball in the surf.




Movie Star granddaughter, Addison



We left the beach and headed to Barstow to spend the night.

The next morning, we headed home.

We brought Kennedy back with us to Utah, and they headed back home to Arizona.

We  got home and the tankless water heater had arrived and I called to have it installed.

After a little inspection they told me that they couldn’t install it  . . .bla, bla bla.

I started checking the Internet and everyone (Home Depot , Lowes, etc.) would have to special order it,

and that would be another two weeks without hot water !!!

We ended up running down to Sears to get the very last 40 gallon tank heater they had in stock.

I spent several hours installing it, as it was about 6” shorter and a little wider than the original one that failed.






We want to wish everyone a Happy New Year, a healthy and wonderful 2014 !!!

3rd Quarter 2013 ~ Summertime !


We were blessed to have lots of visits from our family in July.

My daughter Megan and husband Eddie brought along his radio controlled flying wing and helicopter.

It was a little too windy for great flying, but Eddie was a master pilot with the helicopter.

It got me all excited about building a flying wing (from Dollar Tree foam board!), which I have started.

Just waiting for motor, batteries and electric parts to come in from China.



We had a couple of sleep overs with Pam’s son Shane and family, over the 4th of July.

We totally missed the hot air balloons at this year’s Freedom Festival in Provo on July 4th.

The windy weather made it impossible to launch.

My daughter Morgan and children, spent the whole summer in Utah

and we got to enjoy the grandkids, with a sleep over!

Morgan’s oldest, Henry, was baptized on July 6th by his father Chris, in a friends swimming pool in Salt Lake City.

chris w henry 1 (1)

Charlie and Kate wanted nothing to do with family picture taking.



Henry, Morgan and Pam’s brother Jay (red shirt)

Jay stayed with us for a week in the middle of the month.

Chickens are now full grown and doing great. So fun to watch and listen to.


We got our 1st egg on July 14th. We weren’t expecting eggs for another month.


We are getting a half dozen brown eggs a day!  Almost more than we can eat !

doz eggs

Garden is growing by leaps and bounds.

Tomato plants almost 6 feet tall !


Apple tree had so much fruit that the braches were touching the ground this year.

Also got a dozen peaches on a 2 year old  tree.

I shared a picture last quarter of the onions going to seed.

This one is a close up of the onion seeds.



Pam’s daughter Leisha, and family arrived on the 2nd from Arizona.

The reason for the trip was to bring their daughter, Kennedy, to start college at BYU in Provo.1img_2971

Kennedy stayed with us for about a month, before moving into this dorm.

We celebrated our city’s ‘Orchard Days’ parade on the 3rd.


Grandkids ~ Addison, Jackson (Bubbers) and Kameryn watching the parade.


Pam with the grandkids


You will notice Kameryn on the right has shorter hair. She donated her locks to children with cancer.

We did a bunch of garage sales with Kennedy and I stole this guitar for $3.00 !!!

The lady said she forgot to bring the amp, and  I asked how much? She said $2.00.

We made arrangements to pick it up later that day.


                           Fender Squire Bullet  (dark blue)                       Bubbers holding ‘Lola’

Garden sunflowers  . . .


. . .  and a days harvest of veggies. Yeah, lots of tomatoes !!!



My daughter Megan told us about “Dapper Days” at Disneyland on the 6th,

with special pricing for the Grand Californian Hotel. So we booked it and shared a room.

We left Utah on Tuesday the 3rd and stayed overnight in Las Vegas.

We arrived at Disneyland on Wednesday and purchased our annual passes.

We stayed at the Grand Californian Hotel Friday night.

Hotel is gorgeous !

Hotel’s main entrance doors.


Our room and bathroom.



Main Lobby



The weather in Anaheim was unbelievably hot all week, with high humidity.

We ended up going to the Enchanted Tiki Room twice, just to cool off.

We also got soaked on the Grizzly Rapids, twice!!!

Megan and Eddie in their ‘Dapper Days’ attire.

For more “’Dapper Days’ pictures (not mine) go to this link:


More pictures of Disneyland  . . . .







TRIP 221


What is that girl behind us doing?





. . . . and California Adventure.

Big fire and panic on Thursday night . . .


. . . just kidding,  . . . . it was the ‘World of Color’ show.





I entered these photographs below, on the 28th in the Utah County Photography and Digital Art Show,


city creek final

and then we headed over the Provo Airport.

Utah Valley University’s aviation program was celebrating 25 years with a fly-in at the Provo Airport.

Free catering (breakfast and lunch) was done by the school’s Culinary students.



Summer this year in Utah was blazing HOT . . .

The month of July was the hottest ever on record.

We had 17 days of 100° or more.

Closing this 3rd quarter blog with our beautiful front yard mums.

If we had know last year when we planted these, that they would get this big, we would have planted more !


Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas !!!


2nd Quarter 2013

~ April 2013~

We can’t believe that this year is half over !!!

As I am writing this, we have been having record breaking heat, but his picture on April 16th, helps a little?Snow

Pamela celebrated her birthday and one full year of retirement . . . never looked back !!!

Also our dog Stix has been with us a year.

This picture of Stix with granddaughter, Jorja.



Gurlz are growing everyday.


We made another trip to Disneyland toward the end of the month.

The last trip for a while, as our annual passes expired in May.

Update on Disneyland Annual Passes (only if you DON’T live in SoCal) . . .

A year ago they were $369, and a week after we bought them, they went up to $469.

Just checked this week and they are now $499 each !!!

Annual parking went from $99 to $138.




Never, never, ever buy a pickle for $2.99 !!!  or anything else !!!

Food Tray




















~ May 2013~

I used the wood from the old swing set and finished the Chicken Coop . . . well, almost done.

I still have to work on nesting boxes.


This year it was time for a garden change. 

I moved most of the garden and made new grow boxes.

The tube slide behind the coop was dismantled to make room for a new shed.


Gurlz still growing !


Traveled to take pictures of granddaughter, Jessie.

She was going to her first Prom !



Another trip to Eastern Arizona for Grandchildren’s birthdays and graduations.

We always stop in Bluff, Utah for lunch.



Grandson Parker and friend, Eli with their cardboard and glue boat (one with the flag), as part of their final grade.




S O S  . . . Save Our Ship !!!!


Granddaughter, Kennedy graduated from High School with honors.

I’m not going to list all of her awards and scholarships, but total scholarships were over $38,000 !!

Congratulations Kennedy !!! She’ll be going to BYU in Provo, UT, in August.





When we returned home from Arizona, I worked on removing and reinstalling the step pavers that had sunk ! . . . .



. . . and finished the nesting boxes for the chickens.



~ June 2013 ~

Pam’s family had a reunion at Fish Lake, UT

First time trip for me.


Purple trees are from a forest fire years ago.



Pam’s brother, Jay with his new little fur ball, Pepsi.


We ordered a truckload of playground bark (5 cubic yards) and had to carry it by 5 gal buckets to the backyard.


This picture is of the crazy onions going to seed. Planted last summer and they Wintered over.


Installed the roll-up shade for the patio.Patio

We put together a Rubbermaid Shed for all our lawn equipment, bags of fertilizer and assorted tools, and that meant moving the coop 90° and back about 6 feet. Took us over an hour to move the coop ! Weighed a ton.

The shed just barely fit between the cement posts!


On the last day of June, I made some heavy duty tomato cages from what is called concrete remesh.

I plan on not buying anymore cheap cone shaped flimsy ones !


Received this picture of our grandson August (little Dr. Zinke, 4 months old) from my daughter, Vanessa . . . 

They have moved from Madison, Wisconsin to Rochester, NY

Doctor is in DA HOUSE !

Like father, like son.


Will leave until next blog in the 3rd quarter of 2013.

Should have some eggs and garden veggies.

Wishing everyone a great summer !

Full Moonrise over Eastern Arizona.


First Quarter 2013

January 2013

Hoping this photo blog finds everyone happy and healthy for the start of another year !

Winter seemed extra long and was extremely cold with high temperatures barely making it into the teens.


January 11th we had 14” of snow and another inch the next morning.




Wonderful neighbor helping me clear the driveway, so I could get the car in the garage.

Blurry pictures were taken with my brother-in-law’s camera that needed to have the front lens cleaned?


I couldn’t get my snow blower to start, so all snow clearing was done with snow shovel this year.

We had another 10” of snow on January 28th


A six foot long ice cycle from the corner of the house.


This temperature capture sums up our cold Winter.

We were happy to have family here over the holidays and for birthdays.

Greer children from Arizona.



February 2013

Sad news, my cousin Mike Ohlwiler passed away (of brain cancer) on February 7th at the young age of 56.

We made a trip to Arizona in mid-February for Pam’s daughter, Leisha’s birthday and

Granddaughter, Kameryn’s Spelling Bee.

Kameryn(4th grade) competed at the Apache County School District Spelling Bee

as the youngest (and smallest!) of 8 contestants.

She did extremely well for her first time, and was able to out-spell some 8th graders to take second place.

Congratulations Kameryn !



Kameryn with Grandma Pam

Daughter Vanessa and her husband Rick celebrated the birth of their second child on February 27th.


August James

august 4 weeks

Pam and I celebrated our 15th Anniversary on the last day of February.

March 2013

After serving as local language missionaries for the past two years teaching “Daily Dose”  (a program that helps Spanish speakers learn to speak English), Pam and I were released.

I started a chicken coop with the left over pieces of wood from the swing set we tore down last fall. (No plans, just winging it !) More pictures of finished coop next blog ??


 We bought  7 chicks and supplies.Chicks2

2 each of Rhode Island Red, Golden Orpinton, Golden Sex Link, and one Barred Rock (not pictured as we got her a few days later) Hope to have eggs in 4 to 5 months!

We made another trip to Disneyland the 17th-20th.  We forgot that it was Spring Break for many schools in Southern California, so it was a crazy busy!

Our annual passes will soon expire and we are yet planning another trip the end of April !


Always great to have daughter Megan and husband Eddie meet us for an evening at the Magic Kingdom.

Posting this the last day of March . . . Easter Sunday. 

Hoping all had a glorious Easter Day !


Last 6 months and End of 2012 !

Note: All pictures are clickable to see larger version.

~ JUNE  ~

We went to see daughter-in-law, Lori, compete in the


In Midway, UT

Was a crazy hot day !

Picture below won honorable mention at the County Photo Competition and a First Place at the County Fair.

Lori with Pam’s brother, Jay



Jorja                                                                      Jaida


This was only a small sampling of all the dirty shoes that were tossed and donated,

to be cleaned, for shelters in Salt Lake City.




One of the many “Summer Projects” 

Pouring cement borders and laying pavers under the Pergola.

I was really starting to feel those 50 #  bags of sand and 80 #  bags of cement !


Looks good now that it is finished  !



~ JULY ~

Always amazed at the hummingbirds each year.  This year we had 4 different varieties.



A couple of pictures from the 4th of July  “Freedom Festival” in Provo, UT.

Early morning hot air balloons



Daughter, Vanessa, Rick and Bridgette came into town  from Wisconsin.

Announced that she was pregnant !  Due in March, so excited for them.

They will be moving to Rochester, NY next summer.



Vanessa’s  latest pictures 12 weeks apart  (December 2012)

Picture 5(1)

Alan, Pam, granddaughter Bridgette and Stix.



This summer was the first time we planted watermelons that actually grew  !!!



So excited for our youngest daughter, Megan who was married to Eddie Hillery on August 23rd.

They are now living in Valencia, CA



All my children together.

Left to right  Matt, Annika, Megan and Eddie, Morgan and Vanessa.





Traded in our white, 2008 Toyota Prius for a black, 2010.

Absolutely love the heated leather seats, GPS navigation and Bluetooth telephone.

Oh, and the mileage is spectacular . . . best so far was 65.7 mpg on a 100 mile trip to visit family.2012_09_08_1973sm

After we bought the car, we made another trip to Disneyland.

We had early admission tickets for Monday and Tuesday.

Of course, Disneyland was decorated for Halloween !027

I have this love for thatched roofs.

Used to be the cheapest roof one could own and now it is the most expensive.


California Screaming Roller Coaster

disney 027


Radiator Springs Racers.


Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree 



I think I mentioned in last blog that we got our Deluxe Annual Passes right before the prices went up.

May be the last year we get them ? 

When we were first married in 1998, they were $99.00 each.  Now they’re a whopping $469.00  



Another trip to Arizona the first part of the month and I took a bunch of senior pictures of oldest granddaughter, Kennedy.

She will graduate High School next year.



 We made our annual trip to Black Island Farm with Pam’s son, Shane and family, and this time her brother, Jay came too !



Everyone gets to take home the own pumpkin from the Pumpkin Patch.



Halloween lights and decorations


Stix the skeleton dog !!!  Oh yeah,  he glows in the dark too !!!





Mother-in-law, Dottie (who was married to Pam’s dad)  passed away Oct 12 at 85 years old.


We got a few pieces of furniture from their home.

This bedroom set of Mission Oak is in a basement bedroom, and a matching dresser is in our master bedroom.




Our first Winter snow this year . . . November, 9th.

I guess no BBQ for tonight  . . .  Dang !



Had been a couple of years since we visited Disneyland at Christmas time.

We took a trip to visit family in Arizona for Thanksgiving and then the long 10 hour drive to Anaheim.

It was magical ! Nothing quite like it anywhere.



It was  great to meet up with, Eddie and Megan at Disneyland.

They loved the Radiator Springs Racers and they also got to see the World of Color.

Main Street USA


It’s a Small World


Sleeping Beauty Castle2012_11_26_2534


I had another birthday on the most special day of the month and year ~ 12-12-12

Won’t see that again for 100 years.

Christmas was quiet for us this year, it was just the two of us.

Then we had our second Christmas on December, 29th.

Shane, Lori and family came down and Leisha and kids came up from Arizona.

We cooked a 22 lb. turkey and it was almost gone in one day !





Hoping you took the time to reflect on the birth of the Savior of the World.

Not sure what happened in this photo below  . . .

I went out to take a picture of the “Blue Moon” ( two full moons in the month of August )

and actually got two moons and one was blue !

Still scratching my head on this one.   No Photoshop work or double exposure on this picture.



Wishing everyone a wonderful and prosperous New Year in 2013 !!!  . . .

. . . now that the Mayan’s got it wrong !

Oooops forgot . . . We might be falling off the fiscal cliff tonight !!!